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Our Talents

Events are not complete without an emcee, performers or even entertainers! Always keep everyone entertained and focused with our fun and engagin talent that we have!


An emcee is the host and facilitator of the event. Event emcees play an important role in events – from setting the event’s atmosphere to keeping it on schedule. A good event emcee is essentially the key to a successful event.

Our emcees are energetic and keeps your audiences engaged. Check out with us on our A-list emcees to find the best personality match for your event requirements.

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We offer a range of event entertainment to spice up your event.


Experience the different traditions and cultures through these wonderful performances! These performance are intrinsically with an ethnic culture and expressing the movement aesthetics of that culture.

All-time Favorite

  • Live Singing (2pc/ 3pc / 4pc Band)

  • Ge-tai Performances

  • Xin-Yao Performance

  • Comedians

  • Talk Shows

  • Acapella

  • Toy Drummers

  • Fusion Drumming


Chinese Performances

  • Guzheng

  • Big Flag Acrobatics

  • Chinese Fan Dance

  • Chinese Opera Performance

  • Chinese Orchestra

  • Chinese Ribbon Dance

  • Erhu Soloist

  • Lion and Dragon Dance

  • Wu Shu Show

  • Bian Lian Show


Malay Performances

  • Angklung Groups

  • Bamboo Dance

  • Malay Cultural Dance

  • Malay Traditional Music


Indian Performances

  • Indian Cultural Dance

  • Indian Traditional Music



We offer a wide variety of professional entertainment performances for your event needs. With years of experience, all performers are skilled in providing entertaining and unique experiences for your event. From Interactive Magic Shows, live animal magic shows, puppet shows, story-telling, Stilt Walkers to Snake Charmers… Be sure to stun the crowd with impressively jaw-dropping performances!

           All-time Favourite

  • Interactive Magic Show

  • Live Animal Magic Show

  • Roving Magic Show

  • Juggling

  • Sand Art Show

  • Glitter Art Show

  • Puppet Show

  • Story Telling

  • Stilt Walkers

  • Mascots

  • Acrobatic Duo

  • Acrobats & Flag Dancers
    Bubble Show

  • Burlesque Dancers

  • Cheer Leaders

  • Clown Acts

  • Contortionists

  • Illusionists

  • Japanese Daiko Drummers

  • Led Drummers

  • LED Poi Performance

  • Martial Art

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