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Unleash your creativity and bring home your masterpiece creation.

Our workshops are curated in a way whereby all participants will be fully engaged while having a fun time. You will be ensured with a fully-customized craft kits based on your event themes.


Candle Making Workshop

Clay Making Workshop

Decoupage Workshop

Join the

Tile/Pebble Painting

Science Workshops

Art Jam/Painting Workshop

Upcycling/Go Green Workshop

Traditional Craft Workshop

Soap Making Workshop

Nagomi Art Worskhop

Resin Workshop

Pour Acrylic Workshop

Little Planter's Workshop (Terrarium) Workshop

Leather Making Workshop

LED Globe Making

Slime Making Workshop

Mosaic Art Crafts

Magic Workshop

Food Bento Workshop

Bubble Tea Making Workshop

Cookies/Cupcake Decoration Workshop

Bath Bomb Workshop

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